Orca Tactical MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch H2O Hydration Carrier

The Orca Tactical MOLLE H2O Water Bottle Hydration Pouch is a durable MOLLE compatible tactical water carrier that fits with any MOLLE and tactical gear. Made from 600 dernier polyester, our Water Bottle Pouch is built to last and can easily hold up to a 40oz Nalgene, Klean Kanteen bottle, Thermos, or a 1.5L water bladder. You can also fit a stainless steel Camp Cup or Jet Boil Flash.

Our pouch includes a unique 4 small MOLLE strap system used to secure it tightly to your MOLLE compatible gear. This unique design provides a close, snug fit. The 4 point snap system prevents the pouch from dragging downwards or flopping around as a result of gravity from heavier liquid weight. This is a great feature to have as you are walking or doing a light jog. Equipped with a roomy interior, this MOLLE water bottle carrier has thicker insulation to help keep liquids cooler longer. There is a grommet hole located at the bottom to drain liquids from leaks or bottle sweat.

The outer accessory pouch is large enough to hold an IPhone 6S and other accessories such as a mini water filter, water purification tablets, hydration flask, etc. The front contains velcro that includes a removable “H2O” identification
patch. Or you can use the velcro area to attach your own Morale Patch.

The Orca Tactical H2O Pouch contains an easy access flip flop lid that is secured by a dual zipper which is useful for either left to right access. This lid contains an opening for a water bladder hose, drinking straw, or any generic drinking tube.

Orca Tactical MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch H2O Hydration Carrier STATS:

  • SNUG, TIGHT FIT: Original design 4 small MOLLE strap system provides a secure, snug fit when attached to MOLLE compatible gear
  • 4 MOLLE STRAPS: Secures the MOLLE hydration carrier tightly. Prevents water weight gravity from pulling the pouch downwards or from flopping around when walking or jogging.
  • LOTS OF ROOM: DIMENSIONS: 10″ H X 5″ D fits up to 40oz nalgene, Klean Kanteen H2O bottles with a Camp Cup or 1.5L water bladder.
  • EASY ACCESS FLIP TOP: Includes dual zipper left or right access and a Bladder Hose or Drinking Straw flap opening on the lid.
  • MORE INSULATION: Slightly thicker insulation on the inside to keep liquids cooler longer and provide a snug fit for your water bottle.

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