Lifetime Warranty


Orca Tactical prides itself in providing best in class tactical gear to our customers!

We 100% stand by our products with a LIFETIME WARRANTY guarantee against manufacturing materials and workmanship defects, regardless of the age of the product.

Things happen during the manufacturing process that can get overlooked during inspection. We understand this and want to make sure you are happy with your Orca Tactical product.

If you run into a problem with your Orca Tactical product, and it appears the issue is related to the manufacturing process, at no fault of the customer, we will replace the product, no questions asked.


1. Contact us either through our Contact Us page, or email us: or call us: 1-844-334-1461

2. Please provide the Order # where you ordered the product.  Either from our website, your Amazon Order # or Ebay Order #.

3. MOST IMPORTANT: Please send a picture image of the defect so we can assess the problem.

4. Provide us with your shipping name and address so we can send the replacement product.


We do not cover problems on the product that result from normal wear and tear, purposeful abuse, negligence, improper storage, cosmetic issues that do not affect the functionality of the bag, and accidental damage.

Normal wear and tear includes changes in color, abrasions, and general breakdown of materials over time. 

It should be noted that textile based products should not be expected to perform indefinitely at the same level as when they are purchased.  Please consider this regarding normal wear and tear.


Please email us at with any helpful suggestions or comments you may have. Your product experiences and design suggestions are very important as to the evolution of our products.  We thank you for being a member of the Orca Tactical family.