Orca Tactical MOLLE Rip-Away EMT Medical First Aid Pouch - RED

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  • Dimensions: 8 X 6 X 3.5 inches (H x W x D) Tri-fold design that provides fast access to first aid supplies
  • Rip Away velcro panel feature and a wide handle for rapid removal makes it a snap to render first aid quickly
  • Organized. Spacious compartments which include several pockets, strong elastic loops and instrument holders, a Velcro safety strap, and zippered mesh compartment for small supplies.
  • MOLLE equipped, 2 inch velcro panel on the front for a First Aid or Morale Patch, and D-rings for additional attachment points.
  • Includes: First Aid Patch and a mesh drawstring bag for extra small supplies

8 X 6 X 3 inches

First Aid Patch
Extra mesh bag for small or additional supplies

The Orca Tactical MOLLE Rip Away First Aid Medical Pouch is a roomy, organized MOLLE compatible medical pouch that is designed for rapid removal. MOLLE integration allows for customization and the ability to attach to other MOLLE gear such as a backpack or tactical vest. However, this medical bag is attached to a large Velcro panel and geared with a strong pull handle for rapid removal in case of an emergency. It also contains a large outside strap with buckle that cinches down to compress the pouch even further. 

Equipped with 3 roomy compartments, each contains multiple, spacious pockets and strong elastic loops for supplies and medical instruments. The top compartment features a Velcro strap to secure large items. The fold out zippered mesh compartment can be used to store small supplies such as band-aids and alcohol wipes. This first aid pouch also contains D rings as additional attachment points and a 2 inch Velcro patch area across the front for your first aid or Morale patch.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
J Davis
Obstructed headrest

This pouch is well laid out, holds everything I've put in my self built trauma kit and can easily be accessed. I'm just stumped on how to mount it ON the headrest in a way that the strap and buckle don't dig into the back of my head when I lean my head back.

Greg L
exactly what I wanted

looking for a triage bag for the range, something that could attach to my backpack (molle). Perfect, with a touch of excellent service and timeliness.


This EMT bag was far better than my expectations. The outside is thick and durable and the inside is nylon. Loads of room and just the right size.

Company stands behind their product

I recently ordered an ORCA rip away EMT bag on another website and it arrived with the MOLLE straps sewn incorrectly. It was usable but not right. I did not ask for a replacement. Orca saw my review and photo on that website and sent me a replacement bag. I didn't know it until it arrived. The new bag is sewn correctly. I am pleased with the product and I am THRILLED with ORCAs proactive customer service. I will buy ORCA Tactical products again!

Matthew Migliore
Excellent Kit

I㒓治e been a FF/Paramedic for 15 years. I㒓沸 also a Dad. This is perfect for carrying the essentials in my personal vehicle. I made the mistake of buying a $200 full size med bag because that㒓泅 what I㒓沸 used to using and I found I never bring it with me and it㒓泅 way overkill. This Orca pouch is perfect and well built. Impressive stitching and materials for the price point. Well thought out elastic loops and pouch configuration. It㒓泅 easily identifiable but not obnoxious. I can grab it and throw it in a backpack when riding bikes, hiking, etc... Perfect for bleeding control supplies, thermometer, a few meds for allergic reaction and shears. I would love to see Orca offer a medical bag in the size of their range bag with the same color scheme as this pouch. Excellent purchase and highly recommended.