Orca Tactical MOLLE Rip-Away EMT Medical First Aid Pouch - OD GREEN

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The Orca Tactical MOLLE Rip Away First Aid Medical Pouch is a roomy, organized MOLLE compatible medical pouch that is designed for rapid removal. MOLLE integration allows for customization and the ability to attach to other MOLLE gear such as a backpack or tactical vest. However, this medical bag is attached to a large Velcro panel and geared with a strong pull handle for rapid removal in case of an emergency. It also contains a large outside strap with buckle that cinches down to compress the pouch even further. 

Equipped with 3 roomy compartments, each contains multiple, spacious pockets and strong elastic loops for supplies and medical instruments. The top compartment features a Velcro strap to secure large items. The fold out zippered mesh compartment can be used to store small supplies such as band-aids and alcohol wipes. This first aid pouch also contains D rings as additional attachment points and a 2 inch Velcro patch area across the front for your first aid or Morale patch. 

  • Dimensions: 8 X 6 X 3.5 inches (H x W x D) Tri-fold design that provides fast access to first aid supplies
  • Rip Away velcro panel feature and a wide handle for rapid removal makes it a snap to render first aid quickly
  • Organized. Spacious compartments which include several pockets, strong elastic loops and instrument holders, a Velcro safety strap, and zippered mesh compartment for small supplies.
  • MOLLE equipped, 2 inch velcro panel on the front for a First Aid or Morale Patch, and D-rings for additional attachment points.
  • Includes: First Aid Patch and a mesh drawstring bag for extra small supplies
8 X 6 X 3 inches


First Aid Patch
Extra mesh bag for small or additional supplies

Customer Reviews

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Lots of space & perfect match for my needs. Filled that baby up & still have room. Way to go Orca. No bag tops Orca’s!! Not in Price nor Construction. Keep it going Orca, you guys are great.
Charlie from PA👍👍

Medical Pouch and Utility Pouch A++

Both are great. Haven’t used either of them yet but build quality along with the utilization of YKK zippers is great. Specially for the price. I already own an Orca Utility Pouch used as my mini gear bag for my truck. Very happy. The medical pouch I just ordered will also go in the truck. The second utility pouch I just ordered will be my back woods med kit. Just big enough for shears, tourniquet and other basics. Note: I returned the backpack because it lacked YKK zippers. I’m sure the warranty would have fixed whatever problem that may arise. But when I am 5-10 miles back in the ADKs on foot, warranty won’t be helping me. For $40 I’d say buy the backpack if it’s mainly from your car to the building. Or maybe a range bag. I ended up spending $100 more for a pack more suited for what I do. But 3 out of 3 pouches have been great!

Chris W.
great addition to my Orca pack system

Orca Tactical MOLLE Rip-Away EMT Medical First Aid Pouch - in OD GREEN
The pack is well constructed and designed. Along with a well stocked amount of medical products I have put in it; it will also fit a CAT7 tourniquet and an Israeli bandage inside. there are plenty of molle spots for placing a tourniquet on the outside as well.
It works well with my Orca Tactical 34L MOLLE Rucksack. The rip-away feature of the pouch allows me to grab just the pouch in an emergency off my pack without having to lug the entire pack to a medical scene.

ORCA is my New Go To Brand

There are alot of options out there for tactical pouches for duty, prepping, edc and other uses. Some are for the pro operator on the front lines fighting the bad guys, some are just "tactic cool" stuff from Asia for kids and the every day consumer, and some are in between. I am familiar with most of the higher tier group of tactical brands, and ORCA has left a serious impression on me. I recently purchased 4 of these pouches to build 4 IFAKS to my own specs and level of training. These blew me away. The craftsman ship, materials and satisfaction guarantee and price point will keep me coming back and checking their lines and range of products. If I am going to spend money on EDC and prep items that my life may depend on I want the best that I can afford. These products are amongst the best in my opinion. Good work ORCA. Your designs, products and quality are a testimony to your employees. Please maintain consistency. Thank you for your products.

Diabetic Travel Case

I recently had a severe health scare when I found out the hard way that I㒓沸 a Type 1 Diabetic. Spent some time in the hospital in bad shape, body shutting down. When I was sent home and trying to adjust to carrying all the things needed to manage my diabetes, I ordered some specialty diabetes travel pack. $30 and arrived looking like trash. Cheap materials, cheap construction, higher price tag. That㒓泅 when I found Orca and this pouch. This pouch was less expensive, super high quality material and construction, and offers THE EXACT SAME layout inside as so called specialty pouches. I㒓治e now purchased three just to have a few colors. Thanks for offering an awesome product that certainly solved my issue of traveling with my medication. I carry an Orca pack with me literally everywhere I go, everyday. Trust me, it㒓泅 worth every penny.